Site Update – January 13th, 2018

This is not only my first blog post, but also a wonderful announcement! I admit I haven’t been the best at starting off to this grand, professional, enthusiastic start… Because, let’s face it, I’m Lauren. I’m FAR from perfect.

In my best effort to help not only my Etsy shop, but myself by keeping motivated, I’ve decided to start a blog. This is going to be a great addition to what I love to do because this is a beautiful platform to use to share ideas, get critiques, talk to so many in the crochet and knitting community, keep you guys all up to date, and so much more. There’s too many benefits for having a blog for me to NOT have one, right?

With every new thing, though, there needs to be a plan. And I’ve got one. My goal is to have at least one new post every 1-2 weeks. That being said, my plan also includs what these posts will entail. I hope to use this blog to share patterns, how to do stitches, behind the scenes looks and sneak previews of projects of my own, and to hopefully be able to connect with others in the creative community. I’d love to be able to feature other Etsy sellers, just like myself. Not only is it a form of flattery, but also will give all you creative folk out there a well deserved sense of accomplishment!

And I want to do this. I’m not being paid to blog. My only source of income through my crafts and hobbies is through my Etsy shop. I intend to keep it that way.

Bloggers all over the place work with and promote others so enthusiastically… And it kills me to say it that, not all by any means, but some do that purely because they’re getting paid to do it. I want anything I post about others to be genuine, non-sponsored, and from the heart. But enough about finances and all that jazz…

Let’s talk about my Etsy shop for a minute. I have worked hard on policies for my shop, and within the next few days they will be posted and live. Whenever you visit my policies page on my Etsy website, you will soon see the updated policies, instead of just the provided template. Having my own policies listed will not only better express my goal as an at-home-crocheter, but also guarantee that these policies apply to the products I’m selling. Not just generic, could apply to anything, could not apply to anything sort of deal.

In those policies, I will be covering things like a return policy, explaining details about standard processing times, shipping details, information on what to do if your purchasing as a gift and more.

More exciting news about my shop… drumroll please… It’s getting kind of an overhaul. I have a list of new items that will start being released starting in February, as well as new images displaying products. Oh, and a vast number of new colors items are available in!

So stay tuned for everything, there’s plenty of good stuff to come.

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