My name is Lauren, my fiancé is Jonathan, and my service dog (also my baby) is a bi-cIMG_20180122_142636_365olor German Shepherd named Hardison. (Hardison likes to go by the name Dorky!)

Ever since I was little, I liked crocheting. My grandmother taught me how to do a chain, slip stitch and a single crochet, then she let my creativity take over. After a while, I honestly lost interest in the hobby. However, about a year ago, I picked it up again and I’ve been far from bored.

Crocheting has really helped with my mental and emotional health, and it’s allowed me to express myself in a productive and creative way. It keeps me busy during the day, and it doesn’t take nearly as much set up, energy, or even time as some of the other hobbies I’ve tried to pick up. Like sculpting.

After spending three years on nearly constant bedrest with no hobbies, I was really desperate to keep myself busy, motivated, and still enjoying my life. I’m so happy I picked up crocheting again, because it’s done all of that and more.

Having something that I love to do, can do fairly well in my opinion, and can have a lot of fun with has made it all worth it. I opened up an Etsy shop for a number of reasons. I love to share what I make, it’s a lot of fun to be social and active with people who follow me and support my hobby, and it’s great to see all of the creativity others have shown with their own projects, too!

It’s amazing to think that now, instead of just being a 20 year old girl from Bellingham, I’m now a 20 year old girl from Bellingham who crochets for a living. Isn’t that neat? I am so excited to see how the future is going to turn out, both in my personal life and through my shop. Creativity awaits…