Site Update – January 19th, 2018

My policies and FAQs have successfully been updated in my Etsy shop! No more confusion and complicated answers for things. Yay! Next month there will also be new listings for several new items. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and details! In other news, due to some issues with categorizing blog posts and things, I've had … Continue reading Site Update – January 19th, 2018

Site Update – January 13th, 2018

This is not only my first blog post, but also a wonderful announcement! I admit I haven't been the best at starting off to this grand, professional, enthusiastic start... Because, let's face it, I'm Lauren. I'm FAR from perfect. In my best effort to help not only my Etsy shop, but myself by keeping motivated, … Continue reading Site Update – January 13th, 2018